NALRSA thanks Fouled Bore Precision LLC and all of our competitors for helping us pull off another successful event. Our top 12 finishers  in the open shoot and their winnings are as follows:

1st- Paul Reid  $6,250
2nd- Paul Poindexter  $3,750
3rd- Adam Busse   $3,000
4th- Richard Emmons  $2,500
5th- Thomas Playfair  $2,250
6th- Bryan Schneider  $2,000
7th- Larry Orines  $1,500
8th- Dean Morris  $1,250
9th- Shanon Parisot  $1,000
10th- Steven Kylberg  $750.00
11th- Keith Rudasill  $500.00
12th- Geordie Richardson  $250.00

The winners of the Format 2 shoot are as follows:

1st – Matthew Lindner
2nd- Greg Nielsen
3rd- Andy Gilliam

Our next competition is July 21- 23 at the Triple C Shooting Range in Cresson, Tx. We hope to see you there. To join NALRSA and enter a shoot, visit our website at