Long range shooting continues to experience a giant leap in popularity, and it appears that this fastest-growing sector of the shooting sports is here to stay. Long range shooting is an extreme skill-set that, until very recently, had been limited to a small group of individuals; however, as more shooters seek to test their talent against some of the best competition in the country, the sport is surging. The growing popularity of this extreme sport is the reason North American Long Range Shooting Association (NALRSA) was formed.

NALRSA was founded by four avid long range enthusiasts whose goal was to create a competitive platform that is safe, above all else, as well as fun for all skill sets of shooters—while paying out big bucks for those who make it to the final round.

NALRSA, as the name indicates, is a nationwide organization that will offer shooting events in all states with a long range following. The largest number of NALRSA’s competitions will be held in Texas, as the Lone Star state has the most long range shooters. Each competitive season will conclude with National Finals held in Texas.

Each of NALRSA’s competitive shoots will be in the form of either a Format One or Format Two competition. Format One competitions will be a classification shoot, as well as an open shoot, in which anyone may compete for huge payouts.

Format One Shoots

The Format One shoots consist of three rounds. Round 1 will always be a shot from 500 yards, with the shooter’s score recorded as his or her classification if it is his/her first shoot. The shooter’s classification number (4-10, based on a score of a possible 100 points) will stay with him/her and can change—up or down—depending on the shooter’s trend over several competitions.

Round 2 of a Format One shoot will see the field divided in half (top 50% of scores from first round will shoot in the second round), and shots will be taken from 500 yards to 900 yards, depending on the conditions for the day and the shooting facility’s limitations.

Round 3, the final round, is only for the top 12 shooters from the first and second rounds (cumulative score). The round will be shot at varying yardages based on the conditions and the shooting facility, but will always consist of shots farther than those in Round 1 or 2. All twelve shooters will leave with a check!

The payout is as follows: 50% will be paid out on-site, with 25% going into escrow for the national finals. The final 25% will go toward paying for the shoot, itself.

Format Two Shoots

A Format Two shoot is similar to a Format One shoot, with the exception being that not all shooters are eligible to compete in a Format Two shoot. Shooters must first participate in a Format One shoot and become classified (4-10) in order to be eligible to compete in the Format Two shoot.

For example: Say we have a #7 shoot and a participant is classified as a #6 shooter, he/she may shoot in the #7 competition; however, someone who is classified as a #7.5 or #8 shooter will not be eligible to compete.

This classification system allows similarly-skilled shooters to compete for big earnings without having to shoot against #9 or #10 shooters. As shooters improve, they will move up in classification. We believe this will help grow an already rapidly increasing sport.

At NALRSA, we know long range shooting is here to stay. Long range shooters possess a unique skill-set, and the competitions will be a sport enjoyed not only by the participants, but also by spectators. Our electronic scoring system will add to the excitement and grow spectator interest like never before. If this article has piqued your interest, please visit our website at www.long-range-shooting.com and our Facebook page, North American Long Range Shooting Assn.

All of our competitors must be members of NALRSA and must be willing to accept and comply with our rules. We want to keep our shoots as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Good luck—and good shooting!