We listened to our members!

Many of our members discussed with us the difficulty and cost of traveling to our Platinum member pre-shoot on the Friday before our events. So in an effort to alleviate the extra day of travel and/or multiple trips to an event, we are no longer offering platinum memberships.

Only one membership level with all the perks now!

After reviewing our options we decide the best way to serve all of our members was to move to one membership level with all the benefits! This general membership will be an annual membership which for $150.00. We will be adding a practice round free of charge before each individual event.

Practice round: 10 minutes to shoot as many rounds as you like @ 500 yard e-shot, and other yardages on steel plate. The 1st shoot of year in Comfort will be last Platinum pre-shoot.

So what does this mean for active members?

At the end of your membership period your Platinum/Silver membership will not auto-renew. You will need to purchase a general membership below. Once you purchase the new membership your account will move back to auto-renewing annually.

So what does this mean for inactive members?

If your membership lapsed you probably received a cancellation email. You simply need to purchase the new general membership below and you are good to go!

If you have any questions or concerns about these membership changes please contact us at (830)460-1111 or you can fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We realize that with changes there may be some issues with your subscription or membership and we are here to help!

Join NALRSA Today!

Signing up for NALRSA is simple.

  1. Choose your Adult or Youth individual membership level below
  2. Submit your information
  3. Pay

After registering, you will gain access to your account, member discounts, and (most importantly) be able to sign up for events!

After becoming a member you will receive an email with your account information, including your membership registrations.

Your membership will renew annually automatically as long as you have a valid credit card on file.

If you need to make changes to your membership, please log into your account to do so.

Youth Membership Options

You will be filling out the registration form for your child. Please provide their information as the “member”. The parent or guardian information will be collected on the form provided during registration.

  1. Minor Child must be with parent/guardian/legal representative at all times during the competition.
  2. Parent/guardian or legal representative must accompany the minor child to and from the shooting station.
  3. Parent/ guardian or legal representative must be in control of the firearm to and from the shooting station.
  4. Minor child is only allowed to possess the firearm while in the shooting lane. Range officer will instruct the parent/guardian or legal representative and minor child when they are cleared to do so.
  5. All other NALRSA rules apply to the minor child/parent/guardian and legal representative while competing in any sanctioned NALRSA event.

Please note:
In the registration process, you will be asked to verify that you have read and agree to the NALRSA Rules and Regulations as well as both our Liability Waiver and Youth Liability Waiver. Please take a moment to review those sections closely before accepting.