KNS Precision, Inc. prides itself on the quality American-made products it offers to those looking for only the best in firearms components and accessories.

KNS Precision, Inc. was founded in the summer of 1999, when two friends, Brooks Scheuer, a firearms enthusiast, and Fred Kager, a master machinist, combined to produce and market new products for the AR15/M16 platform. With overwhelming success from the start, KNS Precision, Inc. has earned the firearm and shooting industry’s acceptance through product innovation and customer service.

In the spring of 1999, Brooks, a lifelong hunter, gun-enthusiast, and black powder competitor, had an idea for a rifle front sight that would not only improve his shooting accuracy, but could also improve other shooters’ accuracy.  Brooks presented his idea of a crosshair front sight for an AR15/M16 to Fred, owner of Kager Industries, who immediately produced a prototype of the sight.

The design of the original prototype was so good that Brooks and Fred quickly placed the part into production and developed a game plan to sell the sight. In the November, 1999 issue of the NRA’s “American Rifleman” magazine, a new product review of the Crosshair Front Sight was released—and KNS Precision was up and running. Over the next year, KNS Precision became incorporated, and Brooks and Fred began to look at other weapons for which they could make front sights.

Though they developed and produced many other products that year, their most significant was the AR15/M16 Non-Rotate Trigger/Hammer Pins. While holding his M16 in his lap and working the action on it, Fred noticed that every time he charged the rifle and every time he pulled the trigger, the trigger and hammer pins rotated.  Being a master machinist, Fred realized that those steel pins rotating in an aluminum receiver were going to cause wear on his very expensive receiver.

While developing the Non-Rotate Trigger/Hammer Pins, Brooks and Fred realized that not only did they prevent rotation, but they also prevented the pins from “walking” out of the receiver.  Due to this anti-walk feature, customers started referring to the pins as, “Anti-Walk” pins.

In 2006, Fred Kager, wanting to focus more time on his hobby of collecting World War II military vehicles and tanks, sold his interest in KNS Precision, Inc. to his nephew, Chris Welch. Chris was also a master machinist and local machine shop owner.

During the first year of Chris’ ownership in the company, he and Brooks began production of the M16/AR15 Spade Grip. The original idea and prototypes had been developed by Fred and Brooks, but a production model was never produced. With Chris’ knowledge and experience, the M16/AR15 Spade Grip became a reality.

In 2007, Gordon Gipson, who had been an outside Law Enforcement/Military Representative for KNS Precision, Inc., returned from a deployment overseas with the Texas National Guard.  Gordon, who was also a full-time Patrol Sergeant with the local police department, began working full-time for KNS Precision, Inc. in January, 2008.

In 2008, Brooks Scheuer retired and Chris Welch and Gordon Gipson became partners in the ownership of the company. In addition to developing new products and improving on existing ones, Chris and Gordon also began a small, retail sales side of the business in which they sell guns, ammunition and accessories.

Today, Chris and Gordon continue the company’s strong commitment to quality products and outstanding customer service, while expanding growth and product development.

KNS Precision, Inc., an American company, producing American-made products, continues to move forward in the firearms industry by remaining true to its core values and by keeping an eye on the future of the firearms and accessory market.

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