Making a call to Evolved Ballistics should be the first step for anyone looking to achieve outstanding success in long range shooting.

Dale Robinson, owner of Evolved Ballistics, believes long range shooting is a teachable skill-set, and he is confident he can help all those who want to become proficient shooting at long distances.

Evolved Ballistics, located in Boerne, Texas, maintains an in-stock inventory of Proof Research carbon fiber barrels and rifles and Nightforce Optics. Robinson believes Proof barrels are the best in the world, saying: “Proof Research barrels have consistently achieved the best precision of all my hunting rifles with .2-.3 MOA for a 6.5×284, 28 Nosler and 300RUM.”

Purchasing a Proof Research barrel or rifle is one important step a shooter can take to become more competent at long range. However, in addition to the quality Proof Research products they sell, Evolved Ballistics also offers comprehensive training classes that enable people to realize the precision and long range potential of the rifles.  

Evolved Ballistics training classes

The training classes are not just for expert long range shooters looking to tweak their skills. In fact, Robinson says they teach a full spectrum of skill levels. “We get people who have fired very few rifles in their life who decide they want to try it, and we also have folks with a fair amount of experience at long range,” he said.

Regardless of the initial level of expertise of his students, Robinson sees improvement in all who take the classes.

“Beginners are absolutely amazed that on the very first day they are able to hit targets accurately at 1000 yards.”

Dale Robinson, Evolved Ballistics

But beginners are not the only ones who benefit from Evolved Ballistics’ classes. “The experienced guys tell us that we fill in the blanks, the missing pieces they needed. We fill in the blanks and we improve their precision and long range accuracy,” Robinson explained.

Because of the way the classes are taught, Evolved Ballistics is able to help all levels of shooters. “We help both because we teach comprehensively,” Robinson said.

Format of classes

Evolved Ballistics’ training courses are exceptionally effective because of their format. They combine a classroom component, a range that includes targets out to 1,060 yards, and a field course with targets out to 1,640 yards. “The training involves all three phases” Robinson explained.

When you sign up for an Evolved Ballistics class, all you need to do is bring your own rifle with 25MOA (7 MIL) adjustable turret scope and 100 rounds of ammunition. Evolved Ballistics will take it from there.

They will share their knowledge, experience and practical application of all topics essential to shooting precisely and accurately at long range.

Who are Evolved Ballistics’ clients?

While most of Evolved Ballistics’ clients are hunters who want to build their skill-set for long range so that they will be able to take their animal on the first shot, there are also many who simply want to more accurately shoot long range targets.

Regardless of whether one intends to shoot game or targets at long range, the combination of Proof Research rifles and barrels with the expert training classes offered by Evolved Ballistics will result in improved first shot accuracy.

Why call Evolved Ballistics?

Though customers are more than welcome to order products online, Robinson encourages folks to give Evolved Ballistics a call. He is happy to talk on the phone, share knowledge and discuss his products.

“We can save people a lot of wasted money by allowing us to guide them to suit their needs right up front,” Robinson said. “We have the experience and knowledge of what works and doesn’t and can guide our clients to spend efficiently, he added.

1000+ Yard Ready package

In addition to the sales of Proof Research products and the comprehensive training classes, Evolved Ballistics also offers a service where, for a fair price, they will configure your rifle for long range.

They will work up a load to maximize precision of your Proof Research rifle.  This includes load development and a ballistic profile. Your rifle will be ready to go for long range when you receive it. You will also receive all the load specifications and ballistic data necessary for your ballistic calculator, Sig Kilo 2400 or BR2 rangefinder.

The bottom line

Whether one is looking for exceptional products or expert training to increase his or her ability in long range shooting, Evolved Ballistics can help.

“It’s a teachable skill set. Everybody can learn. We can get them to an extremely high level of proficiency!”

—Dale Robinson

Evolved Ballistics helps clients know when they can make the shot—and, just as importantly, when they cannot. Understanding your limits is an important part of long range shooting. “A lot of people miss because they don’t know their limits,” Robinson commented.

That being said, Robinson makes it clear first shot accuracy is very achievable in most conditions. What is necessary, he says, is “…exceptional precision in all aspects of rifle set-up, ballistic calculations and shot execution.”

Robinson teaches folks how to achieve a level of precision that results in first shot accuracy at long range.

“We sincerely want to teach them how to do this with great competence.”

Dale Robinson

Contact Evolved Ballistics at 210-872-7790, and they will be happy to answer your questions and offer their services.