Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP) focuses on one task: bringing to market the absolute best hearing protection available for people who shoot guns.

Every time one shoots a gun without proper hearing protection, he or she is assaulting his/her ears with up to 150 decibels (dB) of deafening sound. Repeated exposure over 90 dB will result in permanent hearing loss, while a single gun blast of more than 120 dB can do the same.

In 1994, a Denver audiologist who came from a family of hunters and shooters founded ESP when he concluded there had to be a better way to do earplugs. He quickly realized he did not have the time to devote to both his practice and the business, so he sold the company in 1996 to Jack Homa, who has successfully been growing the company ever since.

ESP, located in Brighton, Colorado, has customers who hail from every corner of the globe, so the most effective way to serve its customers is via the web, direct sales, and authorized dealers. For customers who wish to have a face-to-face with Homa, you can find him at several shows throughout the year, including the Safari Club and Dallas Safari Club Conventions.

The leader in high-quality hearing protection

One reason ESP is a step above other companies that sell hearing protection stems from the fact that the company more-or-less invented this product category—and has been doing it longer than anyone else.

Additionally, ESP has used the same suppliers since its inception, and that loyalty is carried over to the customer as Jack takes a great deal of pride in his exceptional customer service.

Superior technology and custom design

ESP created an earplug that allows a shooter to clearly hear all the sounds around him, yet still protects the ears from gunfire. The custom molded plug seals the shooter’s ear canal and provides protection, while the amplifier inside the plug allows him to hear.

High-speed compression allows the device to limit the output of the amplifier to a safe level. Simply put, any sound below a certain decibel level will be heard, and any sound above that level will be dampened.

All ESP products are tailor-made for each individual customer. If someone is is interested in purchasing hearing protection from ESP, but is not near an authorized dealer, he or she can pay a visit to any hearing aid dispenser or audiologist that sells hearing aids, have their impressions taken, and send them to ESP.

As long as the impression is taken correctly, the hearing protection can be made from any full-ear hearing aid mold. The average turnaround time from receipt of the order and molds to delivery is only two weeks.

Quality products backed by an excellent warranty

ESP’s products come with a one-year warranty that covers everything short of losing or stepping on them. While the ear plugs’ longevity depends on how well they are taken care of, generally speaking, they reach obsolescence in 10 years—mostly due to advances in technology—as parts for old models are more difficult to acquire.

That being said, Homa explains that he has customers who are still using their ESPs a decade later. As a point of reference, most hearing aid companies boast a product life of 3-5 years.

ESP products are multi-purpose

For those wondering if ESP recommends different models of earplugs based on their intended type of use, the answer is that any ESP model can be used for any purpose, whether it be target shooting or hunting. The bottom line, however, is the better the internal circuitry of the device, the better the sound quality.

So, for example, all of the ESP models allow someone to clearly hear range commands from a range officer, while simultaneously dampening the sound of gunfire. However, if you want to clearly hear a turkey calling from several hundred yards away, one of the top two models would be a better choice for your needs.

P2i Aridion nano-coating technology

Most people are not aware that there are specially-designed hearing protection devices that can be worn in rainy conditions. However, ESP’s P2i Aridion nano-coating technology works to protect their devices from water damage.

The P2i Aridion technology is the same thing that companies like Samsung use to waterproof their mobile phones. It is a nano-coating applied in an ionization chamber – both inside and outside of the device. The coating doesn’t allow water molecules to spread out; the water simply beads up and rolls off, so the effect is no water entry into the device and no corrosion.

ESP offers more than an earplug

When we asked ESP what they would like folks to know about their products, the company reiterated their goal of offering shooters the best hearing protection available with the best customer service. They also wanted people to know that though they often describe ESPs as “earplugs” or “plugs,” they are much more than that—they are hearing protection devices.

More than 50 million shooters in the U.S. are currently at risk for developing some degree of noise-induced hearing loss—making it the world’s most common and preventable disability. With their newly updated line of hearing protection products, ESP can save shooters from a lifetime of hearing problems. Simply put, ESP offers the most innovative and effective hearing protection devices available to shooters.

For more information on ESP and its products, please visit their website at espamerica.com, email them at info@espamerica.com or call 303-659-8844.