The eShot Target System is the shooting sports’ very first, fully-functioning “impact on steel plate” target system—one that will change the way the shooting-sports industry competes and keeps score.

The e-Shot system, which works great for close-range, handgun accuracy practice, as well as for long distance precision shooting, allows a shooter to use his hand-held mobile device to instantly see his impacts on a target. The system combines the toughness of its AR500 electronic target plate, which can endure thousands of rifle and pistol rounds, with its patent-pending impact-location technology to bring you the ultimate shooting-sports target tool.

Creation of eShot

The creation of eShot began with a concept that originated from Eduardo Gracia, owner of a 3M distribution company. While at an electronics convention on the west coast, Gracia had the idea of attaching a sensor to the back of a steel plate.

Gracia formed Smart Target Systems, LLC for the exclusive purpose of developing the idea and worked to created a provisional patent to protect his work. Together with G2 Solutions, Gracia was able to develop the concept and resulting prototype in late 2016. Seeing the possibilities of this new technology, G2 Solutions secured the exclusive Master Distribution Agreement of the eShot Target System.

Both eShot Target System (Smart Target Systems, LLC) and G2 Solutions, LLC are located in Houston, Texas, where Smart Target Systems has an office, laboratory and assembly facility.

G2 Solutions can be found online at where customers may purchase the eShot Target System, as well as arrange for a hands-on demonstration.

How eShot works

Using real-time impact detection electronic sensors and two-way radio frequency, the eShot system connects to your mobile phone or tablet device via its wireless antenna and can instantly display, record and score each on-target impact during your shooting sessions.

eShot is the only electronic target system on the market that functions across all calibers and ballistics. Of course, eShot requires a minimum safe shooting distance for handgun and large rifle calibers. (Please see for details.) eShot is the only target system in existence that fully integrates WiMAX technology and instantly scores a shooter’s impacts.

The shooter, who simply downloads the app and connects to the WiMAX network, will be able to see his impacts on his mobile device—before even hearing the impact of the bullet on the steel.

The eShot Target System completely eliminates the need for paper targets, repainting of steel targets, or installation of camera systems. More importantly, the system makes it unnecessary for a shooter to go down-range while other shooters are present.

eShot has been tested and proven to work at 1,000 yards. If longer distance is needed, the shooter would need to purchase a WiMAX booster from the G2 Solutions website.

Fully customizable

The eShot system is customizable to most any need or requirement for an individual shooter or competition, and its software package can be tailored to fit all needs an individual or organization may have.

Now, not only can a shooter hear an impact on steel plate, he can see without the guesswork of a spotting scope their location of impacts on the steel target. And to take it further, a group of shooters can compete on an unlimited number of eShot Targets and know their score along with the other competitor’s scores instantaneously.

Learn more about eShot

With the eShot system, not only can a shooter hear an impact on the steel plate, but he or she can now instantaneously see the exact results of each shot. Furthermore, a group of shooters can compete on an unlimited number of eShot targets and immediately know their own scores, as well as those of the other competitors’ scores.

The eShot Target System is available in several different packages based on the needs of shooter or organization. Please see the G2 Solutions website at for further details.