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Corporate Membership Account Setup

As a NALRSA Corporate Member, you have access to add members to your account. These memberships will receive the same benefits as any NALRSA Platinum Member.

Silver Corporate Memberships: Your membership, PLUS up to three additional memberships.
Platinum Corporate Memberships: Your membership, PLUS up to nine additional memberships.

Please refer to the directions below to guide you through the process of adding or editing your additional members.


When you log in to the LONG-RANGE-SHOOTING.COM website, you will see some important membership links on the right hand side of the page. You will click the “Account Information” link.



The member with the corporate account (the paying account) can manage their sub-accounts by selecting the “Subscriptions” link, and then clicking the “Sub Accounts” link for the listed membership.



Add sub-accounts one-at-a-time by clicking the “Add Sub Account” button. This will display a form for the sub-account user’s username and email. You also have the option of sending password and welcome emails. (We recommend you send both the Welcome Email and the Password Reset, which is what sends them the email to actually set their password initially.)


Alternatively there is a sign up URL that you can send the people that you would like to become users. Use the signup URL when you want to provide a public link to all the sub-account users that will allow them to sign up for the corporate/group membership. If you would like to use this method, simply copy the link provided and email it to the people that you would like to invite to sign up. They will be added to your account!



From this same area of your account, you can see the list of participants under your membership plan, and you will notice the option to REMOVE them, if need be. If you have any trouble with your corporate membership process, please email

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