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Welcome to the North American Long Range Shooting Association (NALRSA)! We have a passion for precision long range shooting and are excited to offer membership in our professional association as well as entry into our upcoming shoots. We provide the best and richest long range competitions in existence.

Our first competition was held May 6, 2017 in Bandera, Texas and featured a $25,000 payout. We plan to escrow a percentage from each shoot that will be updated monthly toward a National Finals competition that will surely provide the largest-ever payout in the shooting industry.

At NALRSA, we are committed to providing a competitive, uniform shooting platform nationwide; to treating every member with respect for his or her skill level; and to providing the opportunity to compete against equivalent shooters within a competitor’s classification.

Our demonstration video (below) offers a great look at what you can expect at our NALRSA competitions.

NALRSA is proud to partner with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.
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Shooter Box 3Shooter Box 3
NALRSA Truck 1NALRSA Truck 1
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